Forest Fruits

Flavoursome Forest Fruits : Strawberry and Blackcurrant Drink

SUSO’s Forest Fruits drink has no sweeteners or preservatives, this flavour is perfect for those who enjoy a fizzy blackcurrant drink with additional flavours.

Forest Fruits 3 cans

School compliant, with 60% fruit juice and containing only natural sugars, this can is one of your five a day – making it packed with flavour and delicious.

Our motto is “stand up, stand out”. We’re proud to stand up for what we believe in. SUSO’s flavoursome Forest Fruits, strawberry and blackcurrant drink is concealed in a widely recyclable aluminium can because we truly believe in helping the environment one drink at a time! Once the can is empty and your taste buds are dancing, simply pop it into the recycling bin and continue with your day.

Our popular multi-fruits juice is made up of just zingy fruit and fizzy H2O – so simple yet so, so delicious! Don’t believe us? Purchase for yourself today or chat with the #SUSOSquad to find out why they like it so much.

Whether you’re a parent looking to stock up on delicious fizzy drinks for the household or a catering manager looking to treat the school kids to something extremely a-peel-ing, get in touch to find out more about SUSO’s Forest Fruits, blackcurrant drink.

Forest Fruit can shot with real fruit and ice
Forest Fruits 3 cans


Fruit Juices from Concentrate (60%) (Grape, Apple, Lemon, Blackberry (2%), Strawberry (1%), Cherry (0.3%)), Carbonated Water, Flavourings.

Nutritional Values

Typical values

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